UpDog - Frisbee

When I first heard about UpDog, what came into mind was dogs flying over their owners backs to launch into the air to catch a frisbee.  I wasn't sure I wanted to teach this sport to my dog.  But I was SO WRONG!  UpDog does have a Freesytle option, but  launching off the handler is not what UpDog is all about.


In this sport, it's all about accurate throwing skills by the handler and accurate catching skills by the dog.  

There is a grid painted on the grass, each grid is 10 yards square.  There are 8 different games that can be played.  An example of one game is "Throw N Go".  You have one minute to earn as many points as possible.  To play, you stand at one end of the grids and throw the frisbee.  If your dog catches it within the first 10 yards, you get 5 points.  Throw and catch at 20 yards = 10 points. . . 30 yards = 25 points.  Whichever dog has the highest points wins.  Another game is Frizgility.  In this game, there are 3 agility obstacles, a combination of jumps and tunnels.  You have one minute to play.  Time starts and you have your dog do one or all 3 of the agility obstacles, earning 5 points each.  Then you throw a frisbee past a line you cannot cross.  Catch in the 10 yard grid, earn another 5 points, 20 yard grid and earn 10 points.  Then back to the agility obstacles and repeat until the time is up.  FUN FUN FUN!!


Kristy Netzer  


Captain Updog 3.jpg

In UpDog, if your dog catches a "roller", it counts as a "catch".

Khaleesi and Frisbee.jpg

Notice the grid lines painted on the grass.  This is the grid used in UpDog.

Lulu Up 1.jpg
Skidaddle Up 1.jpg

UpDog Challenge events are great fun! 


You don't have to know how to play the games, we will teach you.  It's best to enter the events in advance, but you are welcome to come out and sign up the morning of the show.