Hey, Get Out!
That's not a Papillon cage. That's the new house for the ratties.
Rat Fink
Rat Fink is quite a character. She wants the dogs to find her so she sticks her hand out one of the holes in the tube and waves to them. She loves to shop and watch movies.
Gracie enjoys showing the new rats the ropes of Barn Hunt. She also enjoys long walks in the fields and knitting on her days off.
Rasto likes to tease the dogs when she's working. She talks to them and then is really quiet so they can't find her. On her days off, she likes to sun herself on the deck of her penthouse.
LB is sleek and fast and keeps herself exceptionally clean. Making it hard for the dogs to find her. In her spare time, she likes to go jogging on the track to keep herself in top shape.
Rizzo is very laid back and would rather spend her work day sleeping in the tube. Whenever she can, she takes long naps in her hammock on the beach.
Squirelly loves to be petted and enjoys all the attention she can get. When not working, she loves to explore the outdoors, checking out the local trails and hideouts.
Millie is one of our newest additions. She's learning all about Barn Hunt and thinks it's pretty cool.
Clara is a real sweetheart. She makes noises in the tubes so the dogs can find her. She wants all the dogs to earn their titles. When not busy, she volunteers at the local animal shelter.
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Boarding, Agility, Barn Hunt!
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