How do I get started in Barn Hunt?


If you think Barn Hunt would be fun for you and your dog, attend an introduction workshop at Happy Dog Ranch.  Check our events page to see when the next one has been scheduled and to complete the online registration form. 

The workshop will include:

  • Demonstration of a competition dog hunting for the rats.

  • Introducing your dog to the rats.

  • Beginning of teaching them to find the rat in the straw.

  • Introduction to a Novice level tunnel.

  • Introduction to climbing on the straw bales.

  • Rules on how to play Barn Hunt.

 Don't worry, no rat is injured during this process!!!  


It's amazing to watch your dog start to use his sense of smell to hunt for and find the rats.  The dogs are so excited when they have found their prize.


Once you complete the introduction workshop, you are welcome to join one of the ongoing Barn Hunt classes.  Classes meet once a week and last about 1.5 hours.  


If your dog has already been introduced to the sport of Barn Hunt, email Happy Dog Ranch to discuss which class has openings or when the next class will start.



Intro Session:  $40.00

Weekly Classes:  $25.00 per class