Happy Dog Ranch is a state of the art training facility located near Ashland City, just minutes from the I-24 Highway.  Our classes are taught in our 7,400 square foot arena.  We have 3/4" rubber matting and agility equipment that meets the new safety standards set by USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association).


We offer Agility classes for all levels (Beginning, Intermediate, Masters), Puppy classes, Private Lessons and Specialized classes such as Gamble Classes, Course Evaluation and Weave pole training classes.

Our instructor, Kristy Netzer, is well known in the agility community.  She has coached 6 time Agility World Team member, Jean Lavalley with her dogs Cheer and Sprint.  She has exceptional skills at helping her students fine tune their teamwork.  She recognizes that one training method does not fit-all and makes adjustments based on the needs of the dog and the student.  Kristy is also recognized as a leader in the sport for distance handling.  She has helped countless handlers who have physical ailments such as bad knees, ankles, back problems, and other issues that limit their mobility to be highly successful in the agility ring with their dogs.  She has written numerous articles for “Clean Run Magazine” and produced a DVD, “Dial Up The Distance” which is still a top seller amongst instructional video’s.

Are you interested in getting started in Agility?


New To Agility:

It's very rare for Kristy to start new beginning level classes.  However, that doesn't mean you can't start your dog in this exciting sport.  If you would like to try agility, send Kristy an email and set up an evaluation session.  In this $60.00 session, Kristy well evaluate your dog and see what basic skills your dog has.  Your dog should be able to sit, stay, walk on a loose leash, and come when called before setting up an evaluation appointment. 


During the introduction, Kristy will introduce you and your dog to the agility equipment.  If you both feel that agility is something you would like to pursue, Kristy will set up 1/2 hour private lessons until you and your dog are at a level to join an ongoing class.  1/2 hour private lessons are $35.00.


Already Have Agility Training:

If you have already been doing agility at another facility and would like to consider classes or private lessons with Kristy, send an email and she will set up an evaluation session.  This $60.00 session is for you to meet Kristy and for her to meet you and your dog, to evaluate your skill level, to share her philosophy and training style, and to discuss which class is appropriate for you and your dog to join.