Need a place for your dog to stay while you’re on a trip, or have some remodeling to do, or a party with lots of non-dog guests?  Let your dog stay at our top rate dog care facility.  Rest assured that your dog is receiving the best possible care during his visit.

We Care For Your Dogs Like They Are One Of Our Own!


When we found this property for sale, we knew it was the right place for us to build our boarding facility.  We wanted to build facility where we would be happy to leave our dogs if we went out of town.  And we did just that!  We are very proud of what we have accomplished and invite you to come visit us!



Large Rooms


Your dog will have his own accommodations in our indoor, temperature controlled suites.  We have two sized rooms.  We have 10 rooms that are 12’ X 12’, enough room for your dog to stretch his legs, play, or sprawl out and sleep.  We have 4 rooms that are 6' X 8'.  Lots of space for our smaller dogs or less active dogs to relax and still be able to move about.  You won’t find any chain link in our suites!  Your dog will not be bothered or barked at by neighboring dogs.  


Large Grassy Play Yard


When the weather is nice, your dog can enjoy some time playing in our large enclosed play yard.  We don't run our facility like a doggie daycare.  Dogs are not put together to play with one another.  If your dog isn't a fan of other dogs, that's no problem.  

We Live On The Property!


We don't guarantee that someone will be here 24 hours a day.  However, we live here and are home more often than not.

Family Members Can Stay Together


Our rooms are large enough that your dogs don't have to be separated from their housemates.  As long as they all get along, your dogs can stay together.


Schedule A Tour


You and your dog are always welcome to come tour our facilities.  Please call or email to set up a time for your visit. 

Drop off and Pick up times

(We will ask which time frame you will be arriving or picking up when you make your appointment)

8:30am - 9:30am

2:00pm - 3:00pm

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Tour Times 

Email for tour appointment


Prices and other information



Our charge per night is $30.00.  If you have additional canine family members who can stay in the same room, then it's an additional $20.00 for each additional dog.

Medications:  We do not charge extra to administer medications.  PLEASE NOTE:  We will not force feed pills.  We will try our best with various pill pockets, peanut butter, and other flavorful goodies to get your dog to take his pill.  However, we will not force them.  If your dogs life depends on his medications, please don't bring him here.  We do not give injections for diabetic pets.


Vaccinations:  We require all dogs to be up to date on their vaccinations and will need you to bring proof of vaccinations upon arrival.   Dogs need to be current on:  Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella.


Flea Preventative:  We require that all dogs be on a flea preventative.  We will ask which product you have used and when it was last applied.


What to bring?  The only thing we ask that you bring for your dog is a supply of their regular dog food.  It's not a good idea to change diets when he goes into a new environment.  If you would like to bring toys, bedding, food/water bowls, or anything else you'd like to have in the room with your dog, that's fine.  However, we are not responsible for shredded beds or toys or any other damage that may happen to these items.   


Boarding Contract:  Please bring the completed boarding contract with you.  This will save time when you drop off your dog.  Please allow at least 10 minutes for us to get your dog settled in his temporary home.