Brag Box! and Just Because!

Worth RATCH.jpg

Worth and Jane Kline

Congratulations!  Worth earned his RATCH (Barn Hunt Champion) title at the HDR BHA trial in February!

Happy Dog Ranch is where dogs love to play and relax! 


Happy Dog Ranch has Closed

After 13 amazing years of meeting hundreds of wonderful dogs and their owners, Happy Dog Ranch has closed.  


Unfortunately, we don’t have another kennel that we could recommend. 


We wish you the best.  Thank you for trusting us with your 4 footed family members.


Kristy & Cathy




At Happy Dog Ranch, we care for your dog

just as if he or she were one of our own.  Your dog will have a private room that's either 12' X 12' or 6' X 8'.  Your dog can enjoy time in our large play yard.  

Come for a tour and check us out! 

Barn Hunt


Barn Hunt is a new sport that is quickly gaining popularity.  Dogs use their incredible sense of smell to hunt in straw bales for a hidden rat.  No rats are injured as they are protected by a heavy duty PVC tube.         Check it out!